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How to maximise micro-interactions to deliver a memorable customer experience

Customers and potential customers experience your business through micro-interactions. These can be positive or negative. Taking the time to review and improve these micro-moments can have a multiple benefits.

Three surprising marketing statistics about Australia's online coffee stores

Australians want to buy coffee online. I visited the websites of 215 Australian coffee retailers. To the coffee retailers who are prepared, a massive opportunity awaits.

9 features that every super fund website should include (with 25 visual examples)

I reviewed the websites of 35 Australian super funds. For funds committed to understanding and serving the needs of potential members, there are significant opportunities to win new business.

The power of a hand-written note to deliver an unforgettable customer experience

In a world of relentless electronic communication, here are three examples of how hand-written notes make a big impact.

Show customers how their feedback makes a difference

Customers have valuable feedback to share but they will only make the effort if they know it is welcome. What will you do to encourage the feedback of your customers?

Don't forget to email your subscribers (they signed up to hear from you)

I subscribed to 120 email newsletters and 72% of these businesses didn't send me a single email afterwards. What a missed opportunity!

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