20 Ideas to Grow Your Online Coffee Sales in 2021

Key Takeaway

This is a great time to be selling coffee online. Review these growth tactics and choose one or two from the list to get started.

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    Australians want to purchase coffee online. Demand has surged, peaking in October last year but continuing at record levels:

    Source: Mangools (affiliate link)

    This is a great time to be selling coffee online and a great time to promote your online to caffeine-hungry shoppers.

    Here are 20 ideas to help you grow in 2021, plucked from my visits of the websites of 215 Australian coffee retailers.

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    ⚡️ Maximise calendar events

    Each year is filled with calendar events ripe for themed promotions. For example:

    • Australia Day
    • Easter
    • Mother’s Day
    • Father’s Day
    • International Coffee Day
    • Black Friday
    • Cyber Monday
    • Christmas

    These could be special offers, such as this sale on Cyber Monday from Killer Coffee:

    You could create seasonal blends, such as this new product from Inglewood Coffee on Valentine's Day:

    You could also create a gift guide, such as this colourful collection from Griffith Brothers:

    ⚡️ Keep your social media ticking over

    Daily content on social media keeps you on the radar of potential customers. I use and recommend Postoplan (affiliate link) to schedule posts in advance.

    ⚡️Share quotes from satisfied customers

    Social proof is powerful. People are sceptical and want to see proof that purchasing from you is a good idea. So on your website, social media and wherever else you get the chance, share quotes and stories from satisfied customers.

    Here's an example from Dark’s:

    ⚡️ Boost content on social media

    Facebook restricts the visibility of unpaid content to about 10% of your audience. Even spending just $10 a week to boost a post on Facebook or Instagram will expose your products to more people.

    ⚡️ Team up with local suppliers

    When you are selling the products of other businesses, they have an incentive to promote you to their customers and on their social media channels.

    Here's an example from from Griffith Brothers:

    ⚡️ Provide a discount for bulk purchases

    You want to encourage people to 6kg not 250grams, right?

    Here's an example from Veneziano:

    ⚡️ Provide an office coffee service

    While we're talking bulk discounts, more offices are providing an alternative to Blend 43 and are looking for suppliers.

    Here’s an example from Villino:

    See also Leftfield, Beraldo and Veneziano.

    ⚡️ Provide a subscription service

    Coffee subscription services are increasing in popularity but still most coffee retailers don’t provide them. A subscription helps the buyer (who doesn't need to remember to order coffee) and the seller (who gets a guaranteed order each month).

    Here’s an example from Perky Blenders:

    Other retailers doing this include Micrology, Moonshine, Coffee Supreme and acoffee

    ⚡️ Sell gift cards

    Not everyone wants to buy coffee for themselves or knows what to buy for others. Gift cards are a great option for these people, as well as last-minute shoppers. You can easily set this up within Shopify and most other ecommerce platforms.

    ⚡️ Sell gift boxes

    A nicely packaged gift box makes a great present. Mother's Day is coming up soon...

    Here's an example from The Coffee Company:

    ⚡️ Get your coffee included in subscription boxes

    Subscription box services (examples here) are a growing trend that send themed boxes to customers on a monthly basis. Being included in these packs is great for exposure and sales.

    ⚡️ Provide an intro or tasting pack

    Introduce customers to all of your blends with a tasting pack.

    Here’s an example from Perky Blenders:

    See also Fox Coffee.

    ⚡️ Give a little extra

    This doesn’t need to be substantial - even including a chocolate or toffee from a local supplier in the orders that you send out is a way of providing a memorable customer experience. There's also the hand-written note.

    ⚡️ Follow up for feedback

    One week after a customer’s first order you could send an email or a text message or give them a call and ask how they find the coffee. If there’s a problem this is an opportunity to fix it and if they’re happy this is a good chance to thank them and build their loyalty.

    ⚡️ Offer an incentive to get on your email list

    Email addresses are valuable because they provide a cheap mechanism to contact interested people about your product. Surprisingly, 38% of Australian coffee retailers don't have an email newsletter.

    Here’s an example from Mornington Peninsula Roasters:

    ⚡️ Send a regular email to customers

    People who have already purchased from you are likely to do so again (and if they're not you should find out why). You already have their email addresses, and the email can be short and sweet, without the need for any fancy designs. 

    Here’s a sample from Fox Coffee:

    Hi ,

    Gosh, I love coffee, especially how it makes me feel after the first-morning cup.

    The rush, the satisfaction.

    You know what I don't love, getting my portions wrong and suffering the jitters and the pounding heart rate.

    I don't love the misplaced anxiety either.

    I've become a fan of Decaf for this reason, especially in the afternoon.

    We've put a massive amount of time and effort into our Colombian Decaf.

    We have created a product that it is indistinguishable from 'real' (shudder) coffee.

    Perhaps it could fit into your life too.

    Happy Brewing!
    James, Fox Coffee

    ⚡️ Provide rewards to encourage repeat business 

    Similar to a coffee card, these reward loyal customers and provide an incentive to return.

    Here's an example from The Coffee Company:

    ⚡️ ️ Run a monthly giveaway

    A monthly giveaway keeps customers coming back to your website and generates interesting and sharable social media content.

    Here’s an example from Aroma’s:

    ⚡️ Get noticed in the press

    This is most easily achieved if you are offering something unique but it also works well when you have something new to say, e.g. research or statistics.

    Here's an example from Fox Coffee:

    ⚡️ Run a flash sale

    The sale should only last for 24 hours and could provide free shipping or special discounts for bulk purchases or a ‘buy one get one free’ promotion. These could be scheduled in periodically, and promoted on social media and the email list. Again, great content for social media and a reason to get in touch with people on your customer list.

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