5 Fundraising Processes Every Non-Profit Needs in 2021

Key Takeaway

A great donor experience doesn’t happen by accident. It takes careful consideration and a commitment to implementation. There are 5 key scenarios you need to consider.

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    Donors can feel thanked and appreciated. They can also feel like an ATM. What is the experience of donors to your organisation?

    How you treat your donors can be the difference between a one-off donor deciding to give regularly or never giving again. It can be the difference between a regular donor giving for 6 months or 16 years.

    A great donor experience doesn’t happen by accident. It takes careful consideration and a commitment to implementation. But the opportunity is there to craft a meaningful experience for donors at important and easily anticipated interactions with your organisation.

    When it comes to fundraising there are 5 key scenarios you need to consider - and you need a plan for each of them (scroll down for some practical ideas to incorporate into your processes):

    1. 🤯  Someone donates for the first time. This is a huge step — this person has decided that out of all the possible ways to direct their hard earned cash, some of it is going to your organisation! Express your gratitude in a memorable way and reassure them that they’ve made a great decision to donate.
    2. 🔁  Someone starts donating on a regular basis. This step is second in significance only to the first-time donor. Deciding to give regularly is a demonstration of faith in your organisation and commitment to its mission. Again, now is the time to say thank you and continue to build the relationship and trust.
    3.   Someone increases the value of their recurring donation. This is next level —and deserves a next level response. This is also an opportunity to find out why they want to give more — what is it about your organisation that they are inspired to contribute towards? Understanding this will also help you to tailor your communications with them.
    4. 📅.  Someone reaches their 12-month anniversary of donating. While most donors won’t have a mark in their calendar to reminder them of the anniversary of their first gift, milestones matter. They are an opportunity to reflect and acknowledge the good that has been achieved in that period — good that has been made possible by the donor’s support.
    5. 😢  Someone ends their recurring donation. This isn’t a time for an automated email, or worse — the silent treatment. This is a time to understand why they have decided to end the relationship. It could be because of their personal circumstances, or it could be because of concerns they have about your organisation. Regardless of the reason, this is a time to listen and make sure they feel appreciated. Don’t let them walk away thinking “I donated to this organisation for 2 years and I never heard a peep when I stopped giving.” Not only is this the right thing to do, it also increases the likelihood they might one day give again or encourage their friends and family to do so.

    5 ways you can show donors they are appreciated

    Here are some suggestions for thanking donors in 2021:

    1. Record a personalised thank you video using Bonjoro.
    2. Send a hand-written note.
    3. Pick up the phone and give them a call. This could come from anyone in the organisation — from the top, down.
    4. Invite them to a special event, just to say thank you (not to ask for more money).
    5. Encourage them to contact you if they have any questions or suggestions and show them how their feedback makes a difference.

    How will you thank donors in 2021?


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