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5 Simple Ways to Provide a Better Customer Experience

Key Takeaway

Consider your customers and potential customers as humans and design your systems to treat them accordingly. Begin by asking the question "How would I like to treated in this situation?"

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    Customers need better experiences.

    More helpful experiences. More human experiences. More heart-warming experience.

    OK, perhaps that last sentence was trying a bit too hard to fit the pattern. But the point remains - customer experiences can too often be disappointing at best and result in long-term damage at worst.

    It doesn't need to be that way. It starts with considering your customers and potential customers as humans and designing your systems to treat them accordingly. With the right mindset and a commitment to put the customer first, you can turn even the smallest of interactions into a memorable moment.

    Here's five simple ways to provide better customer experience.


    I was going to write 'reply quickly' but as I've discovered in some recent research, the simple act of replying at all is increasingly rare and refreshing. In one recent experiment I conducted, only 37% of organisations responded to an email I sent with an easily answered question. You can read more about that next week.

    This applies to all communication channels but here's a recent example with Twitter. I sent a message to ConvertKit and got a response less than 20 minutes later.

    Speak like a human

    I was experiencing some issues setting up notifications for a client on Shopify and I contacted support. Unlike the replies from some companies that are automated or intelligible, the response I received was empathetic and helpful:

    Provide status updates

    I contacted this company to get access to some promotional resources for a project I'm working on. They didn't have these at the time but they provided me with regular email updates to let me know that my request hadn't been forgotten.

    The fourth email notified me that the resources we now available. It was refreshing to know that they were on the case and I didn't need to remember to follow them up.

    Give a little extra

    Before I tried Mangools I contacted support with a question. Not only did they answer my question they also provided me with a little bonus. It doesn't cost them much to do this but it did go a long way in making me feel valued and looked after.

    Say thank you

    There are lots of ways to show appreciation to customers but one of the most memorable is to send a hand-written note. You are not likely to forget a business that goes to this level of effort and it is going to take a considerably bad experience for this good will to erode.


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