Customer Experience

Show Customers How Their Feedback Makes a Difference

Key Takeaway

Customers have valuable feedback to share but they will only make the effort if they know it is welcome. What will you do to encourage the feedback of your customers?

Recommended Tools

    In the last week I've spotted a number of areas of improvement as I've interacted with businesses:

    • An email subscription form that didn't work.
    • A shipping confirmation message that looked suspiciously like spam.
    • A description of how to sign up to a subscription process that didn't make sense.

    Each time I encounter an issue like these my first thought is usually "I should let them know." If this were my business I would want someone to tell me! However, another thought usually also rears its head at the same time - "is anyone listening?" I don't want to waste time sending feedback that is unwanted or that will never even been seen by the people who are able to do anything with it!

    Customer feedback is extremely valuable. It provides valuable intelligence that can be used to strengthen and grow the business. It is free for the business to receive, but it takes time and effort for the customer to give. Every effort should be made to remove any friction that makes customers reluctant to share.

    The business that wants to receive customer feedback should make two things clear:

    1. Feedback is encouraged.
    2. Feedback will be acted on.

    Live chat is one of the best ways to encourage and receive feedback. A tool such as LiveChat (affiliate link) is great for this purpose. When it comes to providing reassurance to customers that their feedback will be acted on, one of the best examples I've seen comes from Wirecutter. After sending an email I received this response:

    Even though it was an automated reply, it made clear that I wasn't 'shouting into a void' and that my feedback is valued by them. I wouldn't hesitate getting contacting them again in future.

    What will you do to benefit from the feedback of your customers?


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